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Government Relations and Political Lobbying

As a leading Perth political lobbying firm with a growing Canberra presence Clint Ford & Associates services include:

  • Intelligence gathering

  • Government liaison and negotiations

  • Influencing legislative change

  • Research and issues monitoring

  • Policy assessment and analysis

  • Preparation of position papers

  • Submissions and presentations to government

  • Parliamentary and independent inquiries - including submission drafting and witness training

  • Full-service advocacy campaigns with PR, advertising, community engagement and grass-roots campaigning

    Clint Ford & Associates is registered in WA and federally as a lobbying firm.
    We have experience working with the Liberals, ALP/WA Labor, Nationals, Greens, Liberal Democrats, Shooters & Fishers, One Nation and genuine independents; our fidelity is always to our clients. 

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