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Clint Ford & Associates has three main areas of practice as detailed below. Our highly specialised skills in lobbying, issues & crisis communications, along with our well-known credentials in litigation PR are expanded upon with their own sub-pages above.


We provide a non-aligned, independent public affairs service that enables the voice of business and community stakeholders to be heard at local, state or federal government level. Our network includes representation in Canberra. We have extensive experience drafting Inquiry submissions and have worked with Liberals, Labor, Nationals, Greens, One Nation, Liberal Democrats, Shooters & Fishers and genuine independents.




Clint Ford & Associates provides a full range of communications services including:

  • Advocacy campaigns

  • Media liaison and Public Relations

  • Internal Communications

  • Corporate Reputation Management

  • Issues, Crisis and Litigation PR 

  • Investor Relations

  • Brand and Marketing Communications


Clint Ford & Associates provides a strategic interface between governance, corporate strategy, brand, reputation and public affairs. We don't look at projects in isolation. Dealing with the bigger picture and long term thinking is the foundation to our approach. 
We also consult in the fields of governance, management, brand and culture and have been commissioned to draft full business plans and organisational reviews.



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